About Me

I am an Educator, a Business woman, an Artist, a Conservationist, and a Philanthropist. I have always had a sense of wonder and awe with animals, especially those existing in the wild. My first safari was in 2000 when I got married on the Serengeti plains of Tanzania by the Masai after a hot air balloon ride over herds of elephants, giraffes, zebras and wildebeests. Since that time, I have traveled to ten counties in Africa, held pandas in China, and witnessed so many regal beasts in their native habitat. After learning so much about the plights of these critically endangered and rapidly disappearing species, I decided to use my series of paintings, “One Small Step”, to evoke recognition of the plight of the endangered species that I paint. My artwork is my medium to help protect these vanishing species and habitats in order to advocate for their continued survival through public awareness. I believe that each small step we take can lead to larger strides and actions in conserving and saving animals from the brink of extinction. Through this educational process comes awareness and conservation, that in turn lead to the preservation of species. Proceeds from the sales of my paintings will fund projects to save endangered species worldwide.